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Commencement of the installation works is agreed upon by all parties dependent on the soonest availability of the working areas.

The final positions of all field equipment would have been established already before commencement of the installation, in line with the approved drawings.

All works are carried out in accordance with client specifications, current edition of the Institution of Electrical Engineers regulations, field-proven methods and industry standards. Due care is taken to comply with the relevant health and safety procedures to ensure the highest degree of safety is maintained at all times. Where applicable, manufacturers’ equipment handbooks and manuals are utilized and filed on site to aid installation works and testing.

Cables are installed in cable trunks and conduits as detailed on the approved drawings. All cables are tested for insulation and continuity upon completion of wiring installation. The test includes earth leakage and core-to-core resistance.  Cables must be confirmed to have passed the test before any connection is made between equipment and ultimately to the main supply.