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Press Room

WWW.NETWORKS selected as Telecom Systems Integrator for QP Ras Laffan Common Cooling Sea Water Phase II Project

Dodsal Engineering and Construction, a diversified multinational group based in Dubai has awarded the Telecommunications package of the Ras Laffan Common Cooling Sea Water Phase II project to WWW.NETWORKS . The end user is Qatar Petroleum.

The scope of work for the Telecom Systems Integrator includes an extensive Survey, Detailed Design, Engineering, Procurement, Systems Integration, Factory Acceptance Testing and Installation & Commissioning of the Outside Plant Fibre and Copper network, Structured Cabling, PAGA Safety System, expansion of the existing Alcatel optical SDH network and Hotline System.

The project involves the design and implementation of over 150Kms of fibre optic and copper cables in the Ras Laffan Industrial City through new and existing ducts. The Public Address & General Alarm System is significant in size and will be supplied from Gaitronics Italy, the PAGA system contains over 300 speakers consisting of indoor, weatherproof and explosion proof variants. The project is expected to be completed over two years due to the complexity of the detailed design requirements and subsequent implementation with the existing systems in the field.

About Qatar Petroleum

Qatar Petroleum was established in 1974 as a national corporation completely owned by the State of Qatar. Qatar Petroleum is responsible for all oil and gas industry processes in Qatar and abroad, including exploration and drilling for oil, natural gas and other hydrocarbon substances, production, refining, transport and storage of the aforementioned substances and any of their derivatives and by-products, as well as trading in, distribution, sale and export of these substances.

About Dodsal

Dodsal Group is a Dubai-based diversified multinational group which operates in the areas of Engineering and Construction, Infrastructure Development and Management, Exploration of Hydrocarbons and Mining of Minerals and Metals for the energy sector. Dodsal is one of the leading energy and infrastructure development companies in the world.