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Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

Our customer’s success is our success.

We measure our achievements by service excellence and customer satisfaction that drive repeat business. See how we have made a difference in our customers’ businesses.

Fast-track service brings Qatar Petroleum’s communications network online in half the time


  • QP required rapid deployment of robust and reliable communications to improve efficiency and maximize production.
  • Oil and gas exploration, production and transportation processes needed to be seamlessly integrated to meet core business targets.
  • Technical support must be locally available.


  • 3W implemented field-proven modular solutions designed to reduce integration costs and effort and allow for easy adaptation to third-party elements within QP’s existing network.
  • Using high-speed wideband solutions built on the same modular architecture mentioned above enabled smooth integration and data sharing between multi-vendor systems and components.
  • 3W has offices in nine countries and is operating in the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific regions. We are capable of providing the local support to maintain the level of network reliability required by QP.


  • 3W’s highly reliable communications solutions and well-coordinated project management and engineering services facilitated cost-effective and time-efficient network deployment.
  • Seamless integration allowed for 99.9999% availability, maximized use of available system resources and future-proofing for network growth.
  • Our local presence means we can provide technical support for your business when and where you need it.

Multi-service provisioning platform enables DEWA to match Dubai power demand


  • DEWA needed to upgrade their then-lagging network to cope up with the surging electricity demand in Dubai forecasted to grow 10% per annum until 2013.


  • 3W installed and commissioned multi-service provisioning solutions with add/drop terminal and cross-connect functionalities for voice and data transport over a single platform.


  • Advanced protection switching mechanisms enabled the highest reliability possible.
  • Technologies used ensured robustness and quality of service for multi-service transport and aggregation network applications.

50% faster fault resolution improves Mauritius Telecom’s enterprise data services


  • MT’s rapidly expanding enterprise sector called for higher performance and more cost-effective data services.
  • A more effective and efficient network management system was required to handle the network’s extensive structure.
  • Service availability needed to be improved.


  • High availability modems were installed and commissioned.
  • A network management system with more multi-vendor and multi-technology capabilities including remote monitoring and control functions was deployed.
  • 3W’s expert project management and engineering services including detailed design, integration, testing, installation, commissioning and training were carried out to improve overall performance and availability.


  • 40% of modem issues are now resolved remotely, saving manpower and costs.
  • Mean time to repair is reduced by 50%, improving customer service levels significantly.
  • Maintenance productivity is up by 30%, freeing up engineers for other priorities.
  • The network management deployed is backward-compatible, protecting MT’s legacy investment.
  • Network monitoring data helps MT be more competitive.

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